About me

My name is Kim Segers and I’m the person behind Fawkis Vertalingen. I grew up in sunny south of the Netherlands and have been living in Lancashire for several years now, where I also got married. Ever since I was little, I’ve been interested in English and going to Utrecht to follow the English Language and Culture Bachelor only made sense. It was while I was working on my thesis for my Theory and Practice of Translation Master that I started Fawkis Vertalingen (the word 'Fawkis' is based on my name).

Although machine translations appear to be gaining popularity, I believe we still need humans for certain nuances in texts: not everything can be translated without truly understanding the context, something computers aren’t ready for just yet. In addition, a machine translation often comes across as blander than a human translation and is simply less pleasant to read. I love to help out in this area!

Apart from translating, I love to travel. I still regularly visit the Netherlands, but occasionally go to Germany and French and I also travel within the UK. I don’t stick to Europe, though: I’ve been to South Korea and Hong Kong and have visited Japan multiple times. I love to read, I play the piano (including in a band!), take singing lessons, adore music and films and frequently go to concerts – in other words, I am able to entertain myself no matter where I am.

You can also find me on LinkedIn and Proz.